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How can people with Disability take back their employability?

In the United States in 2021 people with disabilities were employed at a rate of 19.1%, compared to a rate of 63.7% of employment for people without disability. These statistics present a discrepancy so major that had it been attributed to race or gender, there would be national outrage- with good reason. This raises the question: where does the root of this discrepancy lie? We can look both outward and inward, but most importantly at the boards and directors of these corporations. Disability makes way for a multitude of workplace problems including decreased efficiency, additional training and added assistive technology to aid workers. However, this does not mean the problem can be ignored. Organizations like Global Disability Inclusion raise awareness to these issues, and help pave the way for solutions.

People with disabilities often have the same level of intellectual ability, but can’t express it at the same level through their work. This is why it is important to introduce tools which equal the playing field for workers, no matter the gap in physical ability. Assistive technology has many applications in the lives of disabled people, but in terms of both equity and equality- increased employability remains near the top of the list of important results.

How can assistive technology help those with disabilities work? While it is a developing field of technology, we can look at 6Degrees MyMove. This device allows hands free use of any smart device, including: Phones, computers and Tablets. This is such a big deal because it allows people with a tremor, or lack of limbs to effectively use computers- and ultimately opens up opportunities to work in places that would not be possible before this technology.

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