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Converting Human Motion Into Digital Commands

"You have taken a limb that, to me, was dead and had no meaning and have breathed life into it"

Yoram Kisher


Now from $41.25/mo. for 24 mo. or $990*

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6Degrees' wearable AI, converting motion into digital commands allowing full control of any smart device.

Replace finger on a touch screen, computer mouse, swipe, select, etc. Adapts to individual abilities, limited range of motion, tremors etc.



Zero Setup

MyMove wearable band blue



Icon of a wearable band
MyMove Logo with trademark

Access to digital platforms

Workforce Integration

Motion progress monitoring

Reconnect with family and Co-workers using Zoom, Hangouts, etc.

Increase independence and productivity

Technological Edge

Learn & analyze user's

unique movement

Filters motion
self- stabilizing

Full range control on
any smart device

system agnostic

Secure End-End
Bluetooth connection

rechargeable battery

and adaptive

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