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Wearable AI, converting motion into digital commands allowing full control of any smart device.

Replace finger on a touch screen, computer mouse, swipe, select, etc. Adapts to individual abilities, limited range of motion, tremors etc.

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Have a device? Instructions & onboarding below

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Onboarding document for PC users.pdf
Onboarding document for Mac users.pdf
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Access to digital platforms

Workforce Integration

Motion progress monitoring

Reconnect with family and Co-workers using Zoom, Hangouts, etc.

Increase independence and productivity

Technological Edge

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Learn & analyze user's

unique movement

Filters motion
self- stabilizing

Full range control on
any smart device

system agnostic


rechargeable battery

and adaptive

Man wearing training clothes, has a prosthetic leg, standing in victory pose.


Rehabilitation and physical therapy currently lack measurable tools to monitor the personal progress of therapy. Integrating 6Degrees wearable MyMove plus into treatment increases patient motivation and allows real-time results. Providing the therapist daily updates on changes in parameters (speed, range, and angles) per patient. 

2 people seated, lower limb amputees, Looking at whole legs in VR goggles using MyMove.

Enables :

Ability to exercise remotely
under the supervision
of the hospital & therapist

Fun self exercise- using all
available digital games

Baseline & progress

  • I'm not sure if this is for me. Can I return MyMove if I'm not satisfied?
    MyMove is backed with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product you receive from us, you may return it. The item must be returned in good condition and within the 30-day return policy window. For more information contact
  • Terms and conditions
  • Do you ship worldwide? Do you offer shipping options?
    Yes, we ship worldwide. No, we do not offer options - standard DHL shipping only. If you have a specific concern or request contact us at
  • What payment options does 6Degrees offer? Do you accept my currency?
    We accept all major credit cards. We offer three secure payment options available at checkout: 1. One time fee 2. 12 installments at 0% APR 3. ACH transfer Currency: USD $ / EUR € / ILS ₪
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