Learn and analyze user's unique movement


 Filters motion self-stabilizing

Full range control on any smart device

Modular operation systems

Simple Bluetooth connection

Long battery life

Personal daily avrege

Wearable AI, converting motion into digital commands allowing full control of any smart device. Replace finger on touch screen, computer mouse, swipe, select, etc. Adapts to individual abilities, limited range of motion, tremors etc.

MyMove enables:

  • Workforce Integration

  • Reconnect with family & co-workers using Zoom, Hangout, etc.

  • Access to digital platforms 

  • Increase independence & productivity

  • Motion progress monitoring


Rehabilitation and physical therapy currently lack of measurable tools to monitor personal progress of therapy. Integrating 6Degrees wearable MyMove plus into treatment increases patient motivation and allows real-time results. Providing the therapist daily

updates on change in perimeters (speed, range and angles) per patent. 


MyMove plus enables:

  • Ability to exercise remotely under the supervision of the hospital & therapist

  • Fun Self Exercise – using all available digital games

  • Baseline and Progress monitoring


Dealing with limited mobility can create isolation & loneliness. Social-distancing during the COVID19 health crisis has amplified the need for community and human contact.

6Degrees technology enables people to connect, engage, and feel solidarity. We believe access to technology is an essential right and that no one should be left behind!