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Tele Rehabilitation Can Be Fun!

We avoid doing things we don't like or enjoy, but sometimes we have no choice!

Tele rehabilitation is a great way to overcome various problems people face while going to rehab programs since it incorporates gamification elements that make it more engaging and enjoyable for patients. It feels more like playing a game than receiving treatment.

Tele rehabilitation has some great advantages such as:

# Patient empowerment and adherence to treatment thanks to feedback in real time during the execution of the exercises

# Access to the patient's medical records from anywhere

# Rehabilitation exercises tailored to the physical condition of the patient

# Real-time monitoring of the patient

# Continuous interaction between the doctor, physiotherapist, and patient

# Patient comfort while exercising since it can be performed anywhere and at any time

# Savings in travel costs and waiting time

#The fun factor; the patient plays a game to achieve personal goals