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Inclusion Through Technology

According to The Employer Assistance and Research Network, a resource hub for workplace disability inclusion, technology accessibility means “tools that can be used successfully by people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities” (Jackson, 2022, para. 5). Throughout our lives, technology has made it much more possible for disabled people to work. Many different solutions have been developed, ranging from screen-readers to enhanced subtitles In fact, even people without disabilities rely on much of this technology in the workplace.

One worker, “Basile - a community relations manager at AccessiBe - says that technology accessibility in the workplace has allowed him to be more efficient and refined” (Jackson, 2022, para.6). These tools have made it possible for Basile to work despite a significant disability. And Basile is only one of many who enjoy greater opportunities because of technologies that can create customizable experiences for varied disabilities'' (Jackson, 2022, para. 8). AI makes this possible because the more you use any AI device, the more your functionality and output will improve.

Even as the quality of Technology improves, so must the companies which use them evolve. Developing inclusion with accessibility has increasingly proven a necessity for businesses to succeed. The goals here include productivity, enhanced recruiting and employee recognition. Many companies have found that conducting research into the correlation between accessibility and inclusivity is extremely beneficial in optimizing workflow and allocation.

As people become more and more reliant on technology in the workplace, opportunities increase for disabled people to be included in the workforce. Expansion of productivity and worker satisfaction will grow as people with disorders find useful and satisfying roles in the company environment. Workers increasingly discover success and satisfaction through advances in Technology. The introduction of these tools into the labor environment benefit both the worker and the work environment itself.

Technology accessibility in the workplace has allowed him to be more efficient and refined.


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