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A New Device Enabling Digital Equality

Digital devices are a huge part of our everyday communication, social skills, work and more.

In 2021, 85% of US adults will own a smartphone - up from 35% in 2011. The convenience of being able to Google anything anywhere at any time has made us highly dependent on smart devices. What does the world look like for people without access to digital devices?

The majority of the devices we know and love are designed for people with finger function. Tasks such as; swipe, tap, mouse click, etc., prove challenging to people with fine motor disabilities.

MyMove was created for this reason. The Motion-based controller - MyMove - translates motion to control any smart device, replacing a computer mouse or a finger on a touch screen. It even compensates for a partial range of motion, to a full range control of a screen. Using MyMove requires no software and can be set up in five minutes, without the need for applications or program installation.

MyMove is more than a tool to help people with disabilities use smart devices; it an 'equalizing' factor, as technological advancements provide greater job opportunities, social inclusion, leisure and much more.

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Unknown member
Apr 04

This blog post made me think differently about the subject matter.

moto x3m

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