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6Degrees Campaign to Help Veterans

6Degrees, a company made-up of veterans who care, has recently developed an amazing campaign with such organizations as the EOD Warrior Foundation and Hope for the Warriors - to help veterans regain their independence and employability.

The EOD Warrior Foundation supports all veterans, throughout the world. They provide many resources for veterans and their families: financial support, education programs, and much more. We thank you guys so much for what you are doing for us and we hope this campaign will turn into helping these veterans get back on their feet and be able to work again!

Hope for the Warriors is a veteran foundation whose goal is to provide support for service members and their families as they transition back into civilian life. This amazing organization is acutely involved with wounded veterans that served and protected our country.

We will be conducting a raffle for wounded veterans, to begin on January 18th, 2022. Four people will win free MyMove devices. All participants who do not win the first raffle will be eligible to receive MyMove at cost - only $400. Everyone else who signs up will be offered the device at a 40 % discount. Here is the raffle sign up link:

We thank all of the parties that have been involved in helping us help fellow veterans regain their independence and employability. United, we can all realize how important helping others truly is.

MyMove device


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