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Ten-Year-Old Burn Victim Meets Dog With Four Prosthetic Legs

In honor of Disability day on December 3rd, we want to share a tale about fast friends created from tragedy. This story concerns a young man named Owen and his sidekick dog named Chi Chi. Owen lost both legs at the age of two, due to an extensive burn injury.

A few years later Chi Chi was rescued from South Korea in very bad physical condition, and needed to have all four limbs amputated. Chi Chi became a therapy dog, helping children cope with their disabilities.

When Owen turned 10, mutual friends put them in touch. The two clicked instantly - and Owen met his Idol.

Owen gathered much inner strength through his life, as he faced new obstacles and challenges related to poor health and his physical condition.

Life has many surprises, and can connect a human with a prosthetic limb with a dog, a sidekick, and an idol.

If you need more information about therapy animals AND A WAY TO GET CONNECTED- we've added a few links below:

Image credit: Courtesy Chi Chi Rescue Dog

You can find the 12 news article here.


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