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Challenges people with disabilities face during coronavirus pandemic

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has caused innumerable difficulties for all of us. One of the biggest challenges of these times is simply how to stay at home, far from our routine activities and social life. These problems are multiplied for disabled people.

Although social-distancing is essential in the fight against coronavirus, these new "rules" impose a particular on those dealing with limited motion and mobility. Many disabled people will become severely isolated, as social and educational organizations that were a significant part of their daily routines are shut down. For many, these problems are compounded by difficulty in connecting to smart devices such as Zoom, Skype, etc. to communicate with their loved ones. Loneliness and depression will follow for most.

As a society, we must be vigilant so that none will be "left behind"; and this is the time to reach out to people who need our help. Assistive technology can connect everyone to the predominant network of our times - the Digital world - and enable our disabled to enjoy engagement and a feeling of solidarity.

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